STATA – Statistics and Graphics Computer Software

The preferred statistical software used by the DARLInG team is STATA  from Statacorp 2013: Release 13.  College Station, TX: StataCorp LP

It has the advantage of widespread use and the command system utilised is a form of loosely worded ‘English’ and therefore easy  to use.

Nevertheless, working through the Help files takes a lot of time so the following commands are offered to help colleagues arrive at satisfactory and robust results as quickly as is possible.

These command profiles are those that have been most commonly used by the DARLInG team.

Many of the procedures can be carried out using Microsoft Excel 2013.

The information on the statistical methods used is derived from standard statistical textbooks. Everything covered in the DARLInG webpages is derived from :

Practical Statistics for Medical Research 1991. Douglas ALTMAN. Chapman and Hall. London. ISBN 0 412 27630 5

Medical Statistics at a Glance. 3rd Edn 2009. Aviva PETRIE & Caroline SABIN. Wiley -Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 8051 1