Reference Data Sets (RDS)

The Reference Data Sets (RDS) are the heart of the data for Dental Age Assessment. For each of the RDSs in this web, the data sets are created using the Age at Attainment (AaA) for each Tooth Development Stage (TDS). These are then partitioned by Ethnicity and Gender

The favoured method is the 8 Stage scheme of TDSs described by the research team comprising English and Canadian investigators (Demirjian et al 1973). It is important to note that in this series of pages, only the TDSs described by this team will be used [ see pg ??]. Other TDS systems are described and considered in these web pages [see Tooth Development Stage Schemes ].

Each Reference Data Set comprises a full data set from between 800 and 2,900 extant radiographs. Each of these data sets is delineated by
1. A specific ethnic or racial group.
2. Female and Male subjects are identified. If the gender is not known, then the individual subject is excluded from the RDS.
3. The radiographs (almost always a Dental Panoramic Tomograph (Whaites and Drage 2013) are exposed for clinical diagnosis and re-used for the DAA assessments.
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