The page names WRITTEN IN UPPER CASE are the most important pages when using this web. 

Pages are arranged in Alphabetic Order (mostly). To the left of most of the A to Z letters there is a plus sign viz. +B This indicates that there is ate least one page emanating from this.  to reveal the page(s) associated with the + hover over the adjacent letter.  The list  will appear. Move the mouse arrow down to the page you want and click on it to open the page.

Work up and down the menus provided.  Use the BACK arrow at the top left when appropriate.

The Index is a work in progress so please do not be too critical in the early years of the development of these web pages.

A special circumstance for navigation is that when you link to an abstract form the Bibliography page, the PubMed links ‘hold’ the reader within PubMed.  To return to the DARLInG web pages, it is necessary to close the PubMed page by cancelling or closing the page by clicking on the X on the page bar.  This will return you immediately to the DARLInG web.

If you have a question, please contact one of us by email.

If you have any suggestions for this web please do not hesitate to contact one of the DARLInG team.

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