Dental Age Estimation (DAE) – How to do it!

The process of DAE is essentially a matter of identifying developing teeth, correctly assigning a Tooth Development Stage (TDS) to each developing tooth, and then entering the Age at Attainment (AaA) for each each TDS into a small table, and then averaging the AaA’s for all the developing teeth.

Age Estimates using data from the final stage of Third Molars is a different problem (there is no natural upper boundary to the data set) and should be carried out in a different way. [ see DAE and Stage H of Third Molars ]

This process is carried out using a prepared Excel file [ DAE – Template – 2014 ] and selecting from a Reference Data Set (RDS) the values to enter into the Excel Sheet.

Once data entry is completed, the calculation is carried out automatically.  The detailed instructions are on the sheet in the DAE – Template – 2014 file

DAE -Template – 2014  This file to be downloaded to your computer – rename it so that it is immediately identifiable as one of your files. This will provide you with a semi-automatic calculation of Dental Age. DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE CELLS IN THE EXCEL SHEET.  ONLY ENTER THE DATA REQUIRED.  LEAVE UNUSED CELLS BLANK. The instructions are on the sheet and are easy to follow.

The RDS from which you obtain the data for your calculation should be ethnic and gender specific.  If you do not have an ethnic specific RDS use the UK RDS and adjust the interpretation in your Forensic Report. [ Interpretation of DAE Legal Reports ]

UK-Caucasian-RDS-pdf  This file can be printed or downloaded.  If you wish to have the age estimation checked by one of the DARLInG team, please forward the radiograph via email to

The charge for this is £20 – contact Graham Roberts for details of payment.